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VPN/Firewall маршрутизатор FVS338

ProSafe™ VPN Firewall 50 w/8 Port 10/100 Switch and Dial Back-up

50 VPN Tunnels for Encrypted Remote Access

NETGEAR’s ProSafe VPN Firewall 50 with Dial Back-up is a SNMP-Manageable, high-performance network solution that furnishes multidimensional security. Fully equipped and broadband-capable, this Virtual Private Network (VPN) firewall comes with connection insurance: a built-in serial port for dial-up access. This practical feature means your business can maintain operation if your broadband Internet connection fails. It lets you retain an analog modem for emergency backup and also provides a migration path from analog to broadband, making the transition effortless.

High on security, this true firewall provides Denial of Service (DoS) protection and Intrusion Detection using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), URL keyword filtering, logging, reporting, and real-time alerts. It supports up to 50 IPSec VPN tunnels simultaneously using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), reducing your operating costs and improving the security of your network. With 8 auto-sensing, Auto Uplink™ switched LAN ports and Network Address Translation (NAT) routing, up to 253 users can access your broadband connection at the same time. With support for Trend Micro anti-virus policy enforcement functionality, the FVS338 ships with a 60 day evaluation copy of Trend Micro Client/Server Suite for SMB and Client/Server/Messaging Suite for SMB for customers without current licenses. Designed with small businesses in mind, the Trend Micro Suites combine workstation and server virus protection (including Trojans, worms, and hackers, plus spyware, grayware, and blended threats) into a single solution, empowering small business owners to deploy and manage an effective antivirus strategy with limited IT investment.

Thoroughly Protected
Takes care of all your security needs, with support up to 50 IPSec VPN tunnels simultaneously, SPI Firewall, Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection, multiple VPN pass-through and anti-spam/anti-virus policy enforcement support for extra security. SYSLOG and email reporting enable thorough network monitoring. IKE authentication provides peace of mind against unauthorized VPN network access. The ProSafe VPN Firewall 50 provides optimal value and defense against network security threats.

Easy to Use
Smart Wizard™ connects to your ISP quickly; the user-friendly Web-based configuration screen and install assistant reduce setup time. The VPN wizard automates VPN configuration and secure remote administration via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) makes it simple to connect to multiple sites. Support for DHCP (client and server) as well as PPPoE allows for easy, widespread deployment. This well-built firewall has an integrated 8-port 10/100 Mbps switch and is compatible with Windows®, UNIX®, Macintosh®, and Linux® O/S. It comes with an Ethernet cable, and Auto Uplink on the LAN ports eliminates the need for crossover cables. Support for DHCP (client and server) as well as PPPoE allows for easy, widespread deployment.

Flexible & Durable
Make a VPN connection to other VPN devices or connect through NETGEAR’s ProSafe VPN Client software, sold separately in single and five-user licenses VPN01L – supports popular Microsoft® Windows platforms and is easy to configure, cost-effective and provides broad security support. The rugged metal unit houses advanced, highquality electronics, and NETGEAR’s tested and proven technology is backed by a 3-year warranty.


Technical Specifications

Physical Interfaces:
· LAN ports: Eight (8) 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing, Auto Uplink™ RJ-45 ports
· WAN ports:
10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 port to connect to any broadband modem, such as DSL or cable
RS-232 serial port with DB-9 connector for an external analog modem

Security Features:
· SPI Firewall: Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) to prevent notorious Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) including logging, reporting and e-mail alerts, address, service and protocol, Web URL keyword filtering, prevent replay attack (reassembly attack), port/service blocking. Advanced features include block Java/URL/ActiveX based on extension, FTP/SMTP/RPC program filtering
· VPN Functionality: Fifty (50) dedicated VPN tunnels, Manual key and Internet Key Exchange Security Association (IKE SA) assignment with pre-shared key and RSA/DSA signatures, key life and IKE lifetime time settings, perfect forward secrecy (Diffie-Hellman groups 1 and 2 and Oakley support), operating modes (Main, Aggressive, Quick), fully qualified domain name (FQDN) support for dynamic IP address VPN connections.
· IPSec Support: IPSec-based 56-bit (DES), 168-bit (3DES), or 256-bit (AES) encryption algorithm, MD5 or SHA-1 hashing algorithm, AH/AH-ESP support, PKI features with X.509 v.3 certificate support, remote access VPN (client-to-site), site-to-site VPN, IPSec NAT traversal (VPN pass-through)
· Mode of Operation: One-to-one/many-to-one Multi-Network Address Translation (NAT), classical routing, unrestricted users per port
· IP Address Assignment: Static IP address assignment, internal DHCP server on LAN, DHCP client on WAN, PPPoE client support

Performance Features:
· Throughput: Up to 90 Mbps WAN-to-LAN, up to 60 Mbps for 3DES throughput

Management Features:
· Administration Interface: SNMP (v2c) support, Telnet, web graphic user interface, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) remote management, user name and password protected; secure remote management support authenticated through IP address or IP address range and password; configuration changes/upgrades through web GUI.
· Configuration and Upgrades: Upload and down load configuration settings, firmware upgradeable flash memory
· Logging: SYSLOG, e-mail alerts

· VPN Wizard to simplify configuration of the VPN, Smart Wizard to automatically detect ISP Address type (static, dynamic, PPPoE), Port Range Forwarding, Port Triggering, Exposed Host (DMZ), Enable/Disable WAN Ping, DNS Proxy, MAC Address cloning/spoofing, Network Time Protocol NTP support, Keyword Content Filtering, email Alerts, DHCP Server (Info and display table), PPPoE login client support, WAN DHCP Client, Diagnostic tools (ping, trace route, other), Port/service/MAC address blocking, Auto-Uplink on switch ports and Quality of Service (QoS)
Protocol Support:
· Network: IP routing, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, PPPoE
· IP Addressing: DHCP (client and server)
· Routing: RIP v1, RIPv2 (Static Routing, Dynamic Routing)
· VPN/Security: IPSec (ESP, AH), MD5, SHA-1, DES, 3DES, IKE, PKI, AES

User support:
· LAN: Up to 253 users

· Save/Restore Configuration, Restore Defaults, Upgrades via Web Browser, Display Statistics, Logging, SYSLOG support.

Hardware Specifications:
· Processor Speed: 266 MHz
· Memory: 16Mb Flash, 32 Mb DRAM
· Power adapter: 12VDC, 1.2A -plug is localized to country of sale
· Dimensions: 25.4 x 17.8 x 3.96 cm (10 x 7 x 1.56 in.)
· Weight: 1.7 kg (3.7 lb.)

Environmental Specifications:
· Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
· Operating humidity: 90% maximum relative humidity, noncondensing

· NETGEAR 3-year warranty

Package Contents:
· ProSafe VPN Firewall 50 FVS338
· Ethernet cable
· Installation guide
· Resource CD with single user ProSafe VPN Client Software license and 60 trial version of Trend Micro C/S and C/S/M SMB suite software
· Warranty/Support Information card

System Requirements:
· Cable, DSL or wireless broadband modem and Internet service
· Ethernet connectivity from broadband modem
· Network card for each connected PC
· Network software (e.g. Windows)
· Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher

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