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Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series:

Standard Image vs Enhanced Image

Коммутаторы серии catalyst 2950, в таблице представлен перечень характеристик Коммутаторов серии catalyst,
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Feature Catalyst 2950 EI Catalyst 2950 SI
VLANs supported 250 64
4096 VLAN Ids Yes No
Number of STP Instances 64 64
64 bit counters on Gig ports Yes N/A
CWGM GBIC support Yes N/A
ISL Trunking No No
802.1Q Yes Yes
802.1Q Tunneling No No
VTP Server, Client, Transparent Mode Yes Yes
User configurable management VLAN Yes Yes
Static Access Ports Yes Yes
Port Security Yes Yes
Port Security MAC Aging Yes Yes
Private VLAN Edge (Protected Port) Yes Yes
802.1x Yes Yes
ACEs/ACPs (Layer 2-4 IP Security Filtering) Yes No
Port based ACLS (PACL) Yes No
BPDU Guard Yes Yes
STRG Yes Yes
Quality of Service
Number of Queues 4 4
802.1p Priority Yes Yes
Strict Priority Scheduling Yes Yes
Weighted Round Robin Yes Yes
Weighted Round Robin Detect Yes No
Intelligent Ethernet (Policing/Metering, Marking, Classification, Queuing & Scheduling) Yes No
Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast Storm Control Yes Yes
DHCP Option 82 No No
DSCP Mapping Yes No
IP Multicast
IGMP Snooping Yes Yes
IGMP Filtering Yes Yes
MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) Yes Yes
NTP Yes Yes
Link Aggregation
CNS Agent Support (IE 2100) Yes No
Clustering Yes Yes
Rapid Spanning Tree (802.1w) Yes No
Multiple Spanning Tree (802.1s) Yes No
PAgP Yes Yes
DTP Yes Yes
VTP Pruning Yes Yes
Filtering & Throttling Yes Yes
SPAN Yes Yes
Static and Dynamic MAC Addressing Yes Yes
Dynamic Access Ports Yes Yes
CDP v2 Yes Yes
UDLD Yes Yes
Protected Port (PVLAN Edge) Yes Yes
Port duplex/speed Yes Yes
Port Flow Control Yes Yes
SysLog Yes Yes
HTTP Enhancements Yes Yes
MAC Addresses 8000 8000
IP Host connectivity equivalent to 2900XL/3500XL such as telnet, DHCP, BootP Client, DNS Yes Yes
Spanning-Tree Protocol
CrossStack UplinkFast Yes N/A
PortFast Yes Yes
UplinkFast Yes Yes
BackboneFast Yes Yes
Voice VLAN Yes Yes
Per port enabling/disabling of unknown unicast/multicast flooding No No
Multi-VLAN ports No No
Network (Drain) Port No No
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